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The Peace of Christ Prevails5 min read

What Theology Says About God’s Sovereignty

Right now we have a lot of national fear: It’s election year, a massive virus is plaguing the world (pun intended), the global economy that relies on China is taking a huge hit, and things are just plain uncertain. Yet for the Christian, the peace of Christ prevails because He holds us in His hands.

Take a moment to reflect on these basic Christian statements often heard in prayer:

“God has it under control.”
“Lord please open their eyes to see you.”
“Father, change their hearts and draw them towards you.”

Even if you don’t believe in big words like, “sovereignty” or “providence” or “predestination” there is a chance that the Christian language you are using reflects a God who plans, persuades, changes, puts plans into action, and exercises some kind of kingly power over the things that He rules. Today I want you to rest easy during uncertainty, knowing that God is in control.

–Know that He was in control in the past, over the darkest days.
–Know that He’s in control now over the election and over viruses.
–Know that he will be in control in the future, and reign over all creation.

How can I know? It’s who God is throughout the entirety of the Bible.

On a grand level the Bible is the story of Jesus, as written by God. From beginning to end, it is about God’s plan to instate Jesus as a redeemer for His people. There are small moral stories in this book that are interesting, but to be honest, most of them don’t have anything to do with us, as much as they point to our inability to reach the perfection that God requires of us. That’s because God’s big plan is Jesus. Acts 4:27-28 shows crowning moment of God’s plan, it’s worth the read.

On a microscopic level, Jesus arrests people’s lives individually. He’s intricately involved in planning the salvation of His people. In Acts 9 He knocks a man named Saul on his ass, blinds him and tells him to go ask for help from the very people he is trying to kill. God is so individual with His plans, and He is in control of the broken things in this world.

What scares you the most about God’s sovereignty? What makes it difficult to accept for you? Let’s talk.

Written By

Eric Novak

Dad, entrepreneur, writer, and creative.
Founder of Gentle Theology.